Beat the 97% of small businesses closing by Year 5

  • Working more hours ends up sacrificing the people you love the most
  • If your business has stopped growing, it's dying
  • You created your business for more freedom

We are committed to helping you - Guaranteed

  • We have spent the last decade creating award winning venues and catering company
  • We have over half a million dollars invested in education, training, and coaching to share with you
  • We have proven systems and processes to grow businesses within the wedding industry

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You speak, we listen!

Develop A Plan


Together we develop your custom plan based on your needs.

Ignite Your Business


You work on your business implementing tools and strategies to move your business forward.

About Us

At Olaya Consulting we know that you want to be confident, successful, and happy.  In order to do that, you need tools and strategies for a thriving wedding business.  The problem is your expertise is in creativity of your craft and you're searching for the right tools and systems to grow which makes you feel you must work harder while being tired and overwhelmed.  

We believe as an entrepreneur you should be able to pave your own path while loving what you do.  We understand what it's like to be seeking the answers and questioning if the investment is in the right resources.  Which is why we have invested so much in training and have successfully created a decade of award winning venues and catering company.

Here's how we do it:  1) You contact us and we listen 2) Together we develop your custom plan  3) You ignite your business.

So, contact us to stop risking being part of the 97% of small businesses that close by their 5th year and instead  do what you love and grow your wedding business.

Quick Background:

  • Abigail Olaya - BS in Chemistry and Spanish and MBA
  • Edward Olaya - BSE in Bioengineering and has a U.S. patent. 
  • High School sweethearts together for 23 years.  Have worked in the wedding business together for a decade.
  • Parents of triplet 5 year old girls. Ava, Audrey, and Adelina.
  • Built a multimillion dollar event company, starting with a $15,000 loan. 
  • Have invested in over $500,000 in coaching, training, and education to share.
  • Have a commitment to living a life full of integrity, service, and love.

Abigail & Edward Olaya
Abigail & Edward Olaya



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